EduRoam Setup Guide for Microsoft Windows XP

  • Open up your network connections by clicking Start -> Control panel -> Network connections
  • Right click on [Wireless Network connection] and click [Properties]
  • Click on Wireless Networks tab

  • Click [Add]

  • Add [eduroam] as the SSID
  • Network Authentication: [WPA]
  • Data encryption: [TKIP]

  • Click on the [Authentication] tab
  • Set EAP type to [Protected EAP (PEAP)]
  • Click [Properties]

  • Ensure [Validate server certificate] is ticked
  • Ensure Trusted Root Certification Authorities [STU Bratislava CA] is ticked
  • Set Select Authentication Method [Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)]
  • Click [Configure]

  • Ensure [Automatically use my Windows logon name and passowrd (and domain if any)] is not ticked
  • Click [OK]

  • Click [Connection]
  • Ensure [Connect when this network is in range] is ticked
  • Click [OK]

Logon to eduroam

  • Click to this tip

  • type [User Name] with domain (
  • type [Password]
  • [Logon domain] don't fill